It’s a great month. Correction it was a great month. It was the month we celebrated carnival.

Carnival is a religious celebration all over the world. The idea is you get all your sins out before giving every vice up for lent. You dance and drink and get into all kinds of shenanigans involving perfume Victoria secret, getting smudged on pillows you’ll never sleep on again, if you know what I mean. Its celebrated in Brazil and very well known. It’s celebrated as Mardi Gras in the US. Though those both take place in March. Our carnival was late February. We took the train to Bellinzona a beautiful town 20 minutes from Lugano that has a UNESCO world heritage site, the big bellinzona castle. Beautiful zone is the translation. Duh.


The train is awesome. Everyone crams in in their feathers and sequences and glitter and face paint and scratchy fishnet tights and big bear or penguin costumes. It’s so freaking fun. I always bring my trusty Victoria secret body spray. You never know when someone is going to spill beer all over your head and you need to run to the gross porta-potties to reapply makeup in the non-existent mirrors.

But seriously. Carnival is so much fun. Everyone sings in the train and rocks back and forth and usually weed gets past around. Pretend you didn’t read that. Everyone is chugging water bottles of mixed drinks. It’s pretty freezing in February but you don’t want to bring a jacket because you get so hot dancing in the big festival tents. And you don’t want to lose it or have it get stolen. I usually bring a jacket that I don’t care if I lose. And I’ve never lost a jacket. Though one time I took the wrong one home. But the jacket I got was better than the one I brought. I feel kind of bad but not that bad. The funny thing is my friend Tierney took home the wrong jacket the same night and we took home the same exact jacket just hers was black and mine was gray. I still have it. I wore it the other night.

There is always one tent that our school meets at. We have the Franklin corner we always take it over. Then people wander off to a few other random tents. There is a good one that is all black light and you can dance on stage. But for some reason it is usually filled with older people and who wants to dance near creepy old men?

The night goes on and on and we usually drag ourselves home by 6am. Walking back up the hill to the dorms really sucks and its freezing and sometimes raining. But no one wants to spend 20chf on a two minute taxi. But we do. Sometimes. Helps to split it between people.

I never had to work out at Franklin because we danced every night and that was my cardio and we walked up and down the hills to get to the town from our dorms and that was my leg day. And we’d go buy way too many groceries and lugging them up the hill was my arm workout. That’s how I could eat all the Italian pasta they served in the cafeteria every day and not gain weight.

Ironically I’ve lost weight being back here. Maybe from going on my little runs, and not snacking all day since I have to work. It is still kind of a mystery.



The movements of executives seem to have been tracked while traveling, allowing intruders to attack so the victim did sign a Wi-Fi network of hotel. Criminals covered their cool t shirts by deleting these tools the networks of hotels later.

“These hackers are going after a very specific set of individuals that should have enough knowledge of the value of their information and adopted strong measures to protect the information,” said the chief security analyst at Kaspersky, Kurt Baumgartner.

Executives who send their number of bedrooms and white t shirt to login to the wireless network in a hotel room are deceived to do the download of an update of a legitimate software such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Messenger or Google Toolbar, according to Kaspersky.

ew update from Apple made the transition easier for users who migrate from device to iOS system to a device with Android.

In this new update, the American company corrects an error in your instant messenger, iMessage.

Before users who, for example, migrated from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy complained that they lost their posts.

Now, for purposes of correction, Apple released, a site that lets you disable the service from her old phone and activate the new one, so that you receive messages normally.

The page divides the patch into two categories, for users who still own the iPhone and for people who no longer have the phone.

Apple CEO says he is proud to be gay

Mode with the iPhone, the user must put the operator SIM card (SIM card) iPhone back in, turn on, go into “Settings”, select “Messages” and off “iMessage”.

Already in No iPhone, Apple has provided a space for former phone user to select the country (Brazil is on the list), the number of the phone line and click “Send Code”.Then a confirmation code with six digits will be sent to the current phone.


Broken levies

It’s football season.  Are you ready for some football?  The weather is starting to change and the leaves are starting to fall.  I just love this time of year.  Young boys approach us wanted to do yard work to earn a little extra cash.  We let them rake the leaves and mow on occasion.  We live on a huge three acre parcel of land so it takes quite a while for them to mow.  They love it because there’s a lot more cash involved than they’re used to.  Fortunately for them, we have a John Deere tractor mower.  It helps get the job done a whole lot quicker.

We can’t have them mow the pasture though.  We have professionals come bundle it up to use for hay.  We had to reschedule with them this time.  Our neighbor flooded his orchard and it seeped over into our pasture and made it too wet and muddy to get to.

Thank God we have a usb key.  Can you believe the 8gb pen drive price?  We searched and searched to find a better price, but couldn’t find one anywhere. We wanted to take pictures of the pasture to show the neighbor.  He needs to fix his levies so it doesn’t happen again.  It was a hot mess!  It almost flooded our yard too but the pasture is about 2 feet lower and we were fortunate that the crew noticed it in time and the water was shut off.

We didn’t get as much rain as normal this year so it was probably a good thing they overwatered the orchard.  Maybe that will help their crops the rest of the year.  We don’t care for the Walnuts, they make a huge mess, but the Almonds are really good.  We buy a few 10 lb. bags from the neighbor and give Almond gifts all year round.  We roast them in the oven and season them with different seasonings like Garlic, Onion, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Salsa, etc.  People love getting these gifts every year.

You’re welcome to come join us for our Annual Almond blossom festival.  We sell our flavored Almond packs there.  They sell like hot cakes so come early or you’ll miss out and have to place a special order which generally costs more due to shipping and handling.


T Values

The divisor sigma is the standard deviation of both population means. (Anderson 307-315)  By looking at the t values calculated in the experiment we can see that they are all higher than t critical meaning the hypothesis that the ocular extramission has stronger readings than those that are obstructed by the skull.  The results of this experiment prove several portions of the extramission theory.  The electromagnetic readings show that extramission can be detected at short distances from the audio cables and monster audio.  The hypothesis that the amplitude of the waves from the eye would be stronger than when they had to pass through the skull was consistent with the results of the experiment.  The hertz measurements being from 1 -10 are a limited measurement of the larger category of morphogenic fields, which were discussed earlier.


The experiments along with the scientific theories that connect the evil eye superstition with the eye’s biological function make a strong case for the existence of human ocular extramission.  If you look at it in simple terms, an astronaut communicates with Earth through electromagnetic signals that are transmitted and received through biospheres hundreds of meters away.  Humans would have to transmit ocular extramission tens if not hundreds of meters through natural environments with natural disturbances which when viewed from the perspective of common sense and scientific support is logically possible.  Though the waves that were detected were at very small levels signifying they are from low electromagnetic fields it does not disprove the theory.  For all practical purposes the attenuation of ocular extramission is negligible at ecologically distances.  The means the small measure of frequency, using decibels per km, is irrelevant in this circumstance.  Therefor the inverse square law does not apply to ocular extramission, the law being that the power of density in any electromagnetic signal decreases with the square of the distance.  The low measurements of hertz could still, theoretically, travel across morphogentic fields even though the frequency levels for so few hertz are considered extraordinarily small for electromagnetic waves. (Ross 47-57)  The morphogenic fields however reach their own problems due to the theoretical nature of their existence.  The fields cannot be modeled in physics because they are fields of probability and potentiality.  They can, however, be modeled mathematically using models of the dynamic attractions that cause the movement in morphogenic fields. This model resemble quantum fields which are made based on particles. (Sheldrake 32-49)  When one speaks of measuring light it in also in the particle vocabulary linking the morphogenic models with photons emitted from the retina. (Wolfe)  There is still speculation whether the models can be assessed in real world applications or only in virtual applications. (Sheldrake 32-49)  The evidence found is scientific studies and commonly accepted theories in addition to the plausibility of experimentation in the field of extramission strongly supports the theory that human ocular extramission is the cause of the sense of being stared at, the base of the evil eye superstition. Ho should be rejected if the t value is less than t critical. (Anderson 307-315)  Only looking at the comparison of ocular extramissions between the open and closed eye tests, we observe two population means, for delta the eyes open population mean is 8.46 and the standard of deviation is 4.89.  In the eyes closed case for delta the population mean was 3.73 and the standard deviation is 1.65. (Ross 47-57) This represents the population mean.  Level of significance is the probability of rejection when the hypothesis (Ho) is true, .05 in this experiment.  T critical in the function of the degree of frequency and the level of significance, in case t critical is 1.746.












The Foreign Ministry in Damascus criticized sharply that Turkey had violated the sovereignty of Syria, by omitting to foreign forces across the border.

The 150 fighters from northern Iraq had initially set off on Tuesday in Turkey. A group of Peshmerga 80 landed on the Sanliurfa Airport. Another 70 fighters and heavy weapons were transported overland toward Kobane.


The peshmerga wait in the Turkish city Suruc near the border on their use.Kurdish representatives threw Turkey before, according to media reports, capture the fighters at the border mens sports shorts.

The government in Ankara had given in the past week, the permission that the peshmerga may happen from northern Iraq on their way to the northern Syrian Kobane also Turkish territory.

However, Turkey is struggling with any aid to the Kurdish people in Kobane protection units, as these are linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party PKK. The PKK is banned in Turkey as a terrorist organization.

The IS-extremists failed on Thursday morning in an attempt to conquer the border crossing with Turkey and so cut off the Peshmerga the way Kobane. The fierce fighting between IS and Kurdish people protection units walked on.

On Wednesday fighter temperate Free Syrian Army (FSA) had already arrived in Kobane. The opposition Syrian militia fighting in the civil war against both the IS and against the regime. A Kurdish official told the news agency dpa, 50 to 70 FSA fighters had arrived in Kobane. Media reported, citing an FSA commander of a total of 200 men gain tennis shorts men.

An FSA-Kommadeur from Kobane criticized the planned transfer of other fighters of the opposition group after Kobane. The FSA forces were needed in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, Nisar al-Khatib said in Istanbul. The situation there is very dangerous, because the regime try to include the rebels in Aleppo. The second largest city of Syria before the Civil War is a major stronghold of regime opponents who are there under severe pressure.